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Jennifer Apple

I never planned on becoming a professional photographer, but I was always “the girl with the camera” growing up, capturing all that was around me.  First it began as a way to keep my memories and document my life, and then a hobby and something I absolutely loved to do. It all became something more concrete when a friend of mine in college asked me to play around with my camera, capturing her all over campus. The results were amazing, the experience all sorts of rewarding, and the feedback was incredible – people started asking me to take their headshots and photos… The next thing I knew, this hobby of mine became a business and I have not looked back since!

As an actress, I know the pressures of “getting a good shot” or “looking perfect,” but what I have found through shoots of my own and looking at photos of my friends, is that it is rare for one’s true essence to be captured. I love people, love learning about people, hearing their stories, and find their uniqueness what makes them most beautiful. The camera lens shares only the truth. There is no pretense, no filter, no lies, and it is my responsibility to bring out whatever it is that must be accessed in it’s subject, be it emotion, state of being… With that said, my goal behind the camera is to capture YOU. I want you to feel as comfortable as possible and because of that, there are no rules. My motto for my shoots are “You do you,” or just be yourself.  Wherever you are on that day is where I will be.

I hope that you join me in bringing out what makes you special and beautiful – it would be my pleasure to capture that in you. Let’s play!